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Stahl KD66 Gets new Lease of Life

Pinheiros Post Press is breathing life back into quality post press machinery from its premises in Ossett, Wakefield.  Recently the company purchased a 1999 Stahl KD66 combination folder from a print house in Scandinavia, bringing it back to the UK to undergo a programme of cleaning and checking prior to sale.  Martin Mason, director of Pinheiros said:  "Print and bindery companies worldwide are looking for economies without compromising on quality when purchasing equipment.  There are many cheaper, makes of folders on the market manufactured in countries like China, but it has already been proven that many will only last a short time, where as German-built Stahls, MBOs etc can last a lifetime, if well looked after.  Buying a second-hand machine like this one, which has been cleaned and checked or even fully stripped down and rebuilt is still a great investment."

Pinheiros Post Press is in the process of purchasing a number of other machines that will receive cosmetic and technical work prior to being offered for sale, providing a great machine on a budget.

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