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1999 MAN ROLAND 705 LTTLV #3979

RCI ROLANDMATIC Damping Technotrans Refrigeration PPL All Wash Ups Two Coating Units Two Drying Towers IR Dryer Powder Spray Unit


2011 HEIDELBERG SM 52 5 LX #3941

Prinect Press Centre Anicolor Alcolor Damping Autoplate Preset IR-Dryer Automatic Blanket washing device Automatic Impression-cylinder washing device Automatic Ink-roller washing device

2001 MAN ROLAND 305P

2001 MAN ROLAND 305P #3865

RCI Console CPL - Semi Automatic Plate Change Rolandmatic Damping Technotrans Refrigeration Blanket Wash Weko Powder System Standard Accessories

2003 SAKURAI 475 SD

2003 SAKURAI 475 SD #3847

4 Color Press Max. Size: 600 x 780 mm SCCIII Sakurai Off-Press Control SAPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Preset Automatic Blanket and Ink Roller Wash Olivermatic Dampening System Technotrans Alpha D Refrigeration and Recirculation Powder Spryer Grafix..


2001 MITSUBISHI 1F 5 #3846

Maximum size: 720 x 520 Minimum size: 380 x 273 Maximum thicknes: 0.6 mm. Speed: 15,000 SPH Comrac console Preset Autoblanket wash ups Pallet feeder Royse Recirculation unit Weko Spray unit

2007 KBA 105 5 UNIVERSAL

2007 KBA 105 5 UNIVERSAL #3835

Colortronic Varidamp SAPC Preset CX Model (Cardboard) Baldwin Recirculation Suction Feed Tape Feeder Weko Spray Unit Chromed Impression Cylinders

2000 KOMORI L528+LX

2000 KOMORI L528+LX #3752

PQC, PDC-S, KMS, AMR on Delivery Semi Automatic Plate Change, Automatic blanket and impression cylinder wash,

2006  MAN ROLAND 505

2006 MAN ROLAND 505 #3631

RCI, Colorpilot, PPL - Power Plate Loading, Rolandmatic Damping, Ink Temperature Control, Technotrans Refrigeration, Plastics Package, Automatic Blanket Wash, Automatic Ink Roller Wash, 2 x UV Interdeck, 2 x UV Lamps in Delivery, Powder Spray Device

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