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How The Coronavirus Is Having A Real Effect On The Print Industry

Although it is making the headlines of our national mainstream news on a daily basis, the Coronavirus is now having specific effects on the print industry and the way we do business.

Fespa Global Print Expo 2020, set to take place in Madrid in March, has removed a hall from its floor plan as the organiser re-jigs the show to account for a reduction in the number of Chinese exhibitors.  

The event, which is co-located with sister shows European Sign Expo and Sportswear Pro, originally had more than 150 Chinese firms due to take part, but the Coronavirus outbreak has thrown their attendance into question.  

Last week Fespa announced restrictions on Chinese exhibitors and their contractors.

Even more drastically, The 27th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry, due to be held 4th – 6th March has officially been cancelled. The event seen has far too much of a risk for spreading the disease within China itself and to beyond its borders.

“Many of the print factories in China are only just able to return to production now after The Chinese New Year break in early February, having in many cases being forced to remain closed.” says Pinheiros Director Martin Mason. “This will certainly have a knock-on effect for sellers of consumables and re-sellers of machinery also as the confidence and the funds to commit to purchase, has been at least temporarily affected.”

This news, naturally, leads to questions being asked about the running of the World’s largest printing exhibition - DRUPA, in Dusseldorf, Germany, set to be held in June this year.

It is rumoured that many delegations, particularly from South East Asia, have either already cancelled or are considering cancelling their visits to the Show.  

Martin added: “Although we are still a few months away from DRUPA, in terms of the work of organizing as an exhibitor, the financial and logistical planning is happening right now. I would imagine there are many companies who are seriously considering cutting their losses and pulling out of the event.”

This makes exhibitors question attendee numbers – will companies view their employees travelling to an event where there will be so many people from all over the world in a relatively confined area, too much of a risk? Only time will tell...

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